Olive Oil and GERD


Olive Oil and GERDWhen it comes to fighting GERD in Albany, there are some foods that get all the attention. Common triggers like citrus, tomatoes and fried foods are well-known no-no’s, but what about their lesser-known companions?

Many people are surprised to learn that the common cooking ingredient olive oil can actually prompt acid reflux symptoms. Like other oils, olive oil has a high in fat content and can cause the lower esophageal sphincter or LES to relax, leading to heartburn and acid reflux. This is why fried foods are on the trigger list. Foods fried in fattening oils can severely worsen your acid reflux symptoms. But unlike many other oils, olive oil tends to show up in places you would least expect it.

The Facts about Olive Oil

Loved for its light but robust taste, olive oil is added to all sorts of dishes. Everything from breads and pastas to sautéed chicken and vegetables are cooked with olive oil, leaving you susceptible to the trigger during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Olive oil is not typically used for frying due to its low smoking temperature. Foods like chicken, potatoes and other common fast food items are often fried in canola or vegetable oil, which have even more fat than olive oil. However, olive oil is a favorite of Italian and Mediterranean recipes thanks to its potent flavor. Items you might other think of as healthy, such as sautéed chicken breast or a side of sautéed vegetables, have a big chance of coming into contact with olive oil and could cause your heartburn and acid reflux to flare.

There is some good news for those GERD sufferers who are huge fans of olive oil. Different forms of olive oil have different acidity levels, so there is a chance you can reduce your susceptibility to heartburn by changing the type of olive oil you are using. Refined olive oil has a high acidity level, while extra virgin olive oil has an acidity level of less than 1.5 percent, making it the best choice in olive oils for those with heartburn and acid reflux.

Like any other trigger, olive oil is not going to affect all heartburn sufferers in the same way. Talk to your GERD surgeon about other ways that you can ease the ill effects of heartburn in Georgia.

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