Patient Results

Sarah: 6 Years with Severe Chest and Stomach Pain

Sarah struggled with acid reflux disease for more than five years. She experienced chest pain, upset stomach and reflux regularly, and turned to medications to control her symptoms. Her reflux would wake her in the middle of the night, interrupting her ability to get a full night’s rest. [Read more]

Randy: 13 years of Severe Nighttime Reflux

Randy struggled with GERD for more than 12 years. Regular heartburn and acid reflux would affect him at night, interrupting his sleep. He had to take medications daily and control what he ate just to prevent food from regurgitating back into his mouth. Randy had to take Prilosec every day to try to control his symptoms. [Read more]

Dorothy: 30 years with Burning Acid Reflux

Dorothy heard about acid reflux surgery after struggling with GERD for 30 years. She had chronic stomach pain, burning near her chest and had trouble swallowing and digesting food. At every meal Dorothy would experience burping and regurgitation that made it embarrassing and difficult to eat. [Read more]

Amy: 5 Years of Burning Chest Pain

Amy describes the first time she experienced severe heartburn as an intense experience. She had experienced occasional heartburn before, but as time went on her symptoms gradually became worse. At one point, she had to leave dinner after having just one glass of wine. She thought she was having a heart attack. [Read more]

Wade: 10 years with Unrelenting Burning from Acid Reflux

After being diagnosed with GERD, Wade didn’t like the prospect of spending years taking medications for a problem that wasn’t being corrected. He struggled with acid reflux for 10 years. Eating certain foods caused a burning sensation in his chest that would keep him from being able to sleep at night. [Read more]